Desktop Applications

Here is a selection of software I have written over the years.

I have recently decided to dig these out because they are still incredibly useful and they still hold their ground even though I wrote some of them over 15 years ago!

They are mainly for Microsoft Windows, written in the Windows XP era, but they should still work with the latest versions of Windows unless stated.

For your peace of mind, why not use an online virus checker such as to check the files before installing them on your system

Flash SWF To AVI Converter

Purpose To convert SWF files to an AVI video format that can be further processed by other video editing software. Intentionally very basic but incredibly useful. Supported Platforms Windows XP – Windows 10 Requirements Your…

File hash explorer / hex viewer (STRIFE)

Purpose To convert browser checksums and md5 hashes of lists of files, also hex viewer function. Supported Platforms Windows XP – Windows 10 Requirements There are no specific requirements, untested later versions of Windows. Installation…