Creation Of Ticket Sales System for Opencart


Creation Of Event Ticket Sales System To Integrate with existing Opencart Installation.


Opencart (E-Commerce), Custom PHP.

Comment from client:

I required an event ticketing system to integrate with my existing Opencart Installation. I couldn’t find any solution that was available off the shelf for my particular needs. Lloyd created an Opencart extension that automatically generates the tickets and emails them out to the customer when purchased and this solution has saved me a lot of money! Thanks Lloyd!

My Comments:

Even though there were several ticketing systems available for Opencart, none of them had the correct functionality that my client required, for the most part they did not actually perform the emailing of tickets (which is the crucial part) and they were over-complicated in other ways. I created the extension to be completely automated. For example when an order is placed that contains event tickets, the system emails the tickets the customer as a PDF attachment, if the order is for only tickets then it also sets the order to completed status aswell. I also added reporting facilities for tickets sold with an at-a-glance page of overall ticket sales by venue.